Mars Life

Mars Life is a third-person exploratory game for PC platforms.
The game is set entirely on the planet Mars, with references to actual areas of interest. The player controls a member of a team of astronauts (John the geologist) deployed to the red planet, who is tasked with maintaining the base at full capacity and conducting scientific research.
The story is based on a hypothetical mission carried out by a select group of astronauts selected by the Mars Society to begin the colonization of Mars.

Riproduci video


Riproduci video


Purpose of the project

The project was made for the Mars Society, a nonprofit organization founded in the United States with the aim of promoting space exploration of the red planet.
The video game aims to promote the Mars Society in schools or fairs and approach children to space science for the first time, to enthuse them and perhaps make them tomorrow’s explorers.
“Today’s children will be tomorrow’s adults.”