I'm Fading

Serious Game for Alzheimer's Awareness.

I’m Fading is a Serious Game made by Studio MACACO to raise awareness among family members of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Made as a Demo, the game sees the person in the role of a young girl who loves spending time with her grandmother.

Unfortunately, while they are in an ice cream shop to enjoy an ice cream, the grandmother seems unable to choose and does not purchase anything, resulting in her granddaughter’s anger.


On their return home the two split up, and when the girl searches for her grandmother, she finds that there is only a white halo and scattered picture frames in the latter’s room.

By rearranging the frames, the girl will be able to reconstruct her grandmother’s memories and help ease her condition.


The game also includes the ability to create a story with one’s own photos; this mode aims to encourage patient training and family interaction.

Riproduci video


Behind the scene

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