Cube Up

Cube Up Mobile Game Cube Up is a mobile game made in collaboration with an Indie Team. The game originated as a casual game for cell phones where the player has to complete a cube as quickly as possible. Each level in the game features a particular song and graphic style, with its own effects Cube Up

I’m Fading

I’m Fading Serious Game for Alzheimer’s Awareness. I’m Fading is a Serious Game made by Studio MACACO to raise awareness among family members of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Made as a Demo, the game sees the person in the role of a young girl who loves spending time with her grandmother. Unfortunately, while they are I’m Fading

Mars Life

Mars Life Mars Life is a third-person exploratory game for PC platforms.The game is set entirely on the planet Mars, with references to actual areas of interest. The player controls a member of a team of astronauts (John the geologist) deployed to the red planet, who is tasked with maintaining the base at full capacity Mars Life

Respect – For who I truly am

Respect – For who I truly am Virtual Reality Software to Raise Awareness Toward Bullying Respect is a VR experience created to raise awareness among young people about the sensitive topic of Bullying.The person, through an Oculus Quest, will be transported into the world of a small student, who is extremely happy to get acquainted Respect – For who I truly am